To improve the country’s quality infrastructure, Inmetro invests in accreditation and conformity assessment

Publicado em 23/04/2024 • News • English

The National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) has been investing in two fundamental pillars for the development of the quality infrastructure in Brazil, so that consumers, productive sectors, regulators, and society have more and more confidence in the products and goods manufactured and sold in the country: accreditation – the process by which the technical competence of an institution or body to provide a service or supply a product is recognized – and conformity assessment.

Inmetro, Brazil’s only official accreditation body, responsible for recognizing the competence of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs), has invested in providing greater guarantees and security for consumers, the production sector, and national and international regulators. According to the Institute, compliance with the basic principles of accreditation (confidentiality, impartiality, exemption, accessibility, transparency, independence, disclosure, education, and awareness) brings credibility to the system and is essential for consumers, the production sector, and regulators to have confidence in the conformity assessment programs for products, processes, and services. Conformity assessment relies on a methodology specially developed to consider risk analysis tools, based on certification, supplier declaration, labeling, inspection, and testing, all so that Brazil can obtain and maintain recognition of its quality infrastructure in the relevant international forums.

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